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Parent Effectiveness Training in Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines

Parent Effectiveness Training is a world-leading parent education program developed by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon. Standing the test of time, P.E.T. has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of families – of all cultures, ages, lifestyle choices and values – in over 52 countries.

Through P.E.T. you’ll learn how to:

·  Establish loving and respectful relationships in the family home

·  Actively listen to children, so they feel heard and understood

·  Communicate with children, so you feel heard and understood too

·  Establish healthy boundaries, so children feel safe and parents stay sane

·  Meet the needs of both parents and children, so everyone wins

·  Navigate conflict and encourage co-operation without coercion

·  Raise responsible, joyful, and resilient children

Making P.E.T. accessible to Asia, Gordon Parenting is the exclusive authorized representative in Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines. We bring together a team of accredited P.E.T. instructors with diverse cultural and education backgrounds. Counselors, coaches, teachers, educators, HR practitioners, social workers, entrepreneurs and more, all committed to empowering parents with the skills to build the foundation for family success.

Since 2015, Gordon Parenting has supported individual parents and couples, school communities, corporates, and NGOs with skills-based workshops. We also offer comprehensive training to individuals wishing to become P.E.T. facilitators and do their part to teach positive, peaceful and powerful parenting.

What Gordon Parenting offers

8-week P.E.T. Workshop

Interactive group workshops that include instructor presentations, role play, and engaging discussions sharing real-life experiences.

Online P.E.T. Book Club

6-session reading group led by Certified P.E.T. instructors to discuss the methods and philosophies in Dr Thomas Gordon’s “Parent Effectiveness Training” book.

Instructor Training Workshop

Training, teaching practices, and role-play to become a certified P.E.T. instructor and/or deepen understanding of P.E.T. concepts and skills.

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Kind words

P.E.T has had a profound impact on my relationship with my children, and changed the course of my life for the better. With one child, I had a particularly combative relationship. Through PET, we were able to build empathy and now have a strong relationship. Even with my children with whom I thought I had a strong relationship, there is so much improvement too.

Eric Banson, Financial Advisor, Father of three

I found this approach to be so helpful, I signed up to become an instructor! P.E.T. has really changed my relationship with my son, increased my patience, and given me more confidence as a father. Taking it together with my wife amplified all the benefits between us as well. Highly recommended for all parents.

Brent E. Horner, Clinical Psychologist, Father of two

PET is a life-transforming course; not only will you learn how to communicate better with your kids, but also enhance your relationship with family, friends, and loved ones. We also learnt how to develop a different mindset when coming across problems, and how to tackle them. Amazing teachers filled with love and support!

Karen Chan, Mother of two

Thank you to Gordon Parenting for sharing this program. Thank you also to the facilitator, Odette Umali, for spending valuable time with me and my two sisters, educating and sharing with us P.E.T tools and skills. These skills not only apply to parent-child relationships but also to relationships with siblings, partners, parents, friends, and co-workers.

Cathy Say, Senior Manager at Nike, child-free

This course has brought a sincere and lasting peace to our family while allowing us to stay true to all our values. Because P.E.T is a skill-based course, it is rational, practical, and easy to share. I wish P.E.T could come in a welcome package of the ’parenting journey’.

Sylvie Vitali, Entrepreneur, Mother of three

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