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Gordon Parenting (www.gordonparenting.com) is committed to deliver the time-tested, scientifically proven and globally effective Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) in Hong Kong, Macau and The Philippines. As the exclusive Authorized Representative of Gordon Training International, we ensure that the P.E.T. program is conducted with utmost integrity and adherence to the principles of Dr. Thomas Gordon. Gordon Parenting also ensures that the program remains relevant to the local society by having local-based Certified Instructors who are familiar with the local environment and situation.

In Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, Gordon Parenting has a pool of trainers with diverse cultural and education backgrounds, which reflects the multi-cultural society that is present in those territories.

Gordon Parenting has a pool of certified instructors who are professionals, respected individuals and who are successful in their own respective fields (as counselors, coaches, teachers, educators, HR practitioners, social workers, entrepreneurs and passionate moms).  They are real people and are role models who will share their knowledge and skills to parents. They conduct P.E.T. as certified instructors and draw learnings and experiences from their other professional and personal life.

Gordon Training International USA

Gordon Training International (GTI) is the educational organization founded by Dr. Thomas Gordon . This entity provides educational materials and training focused on effective communication and building satisfying relationships. On the death of Thomas Gordon in 2002,  Linda Adams, widow of Thomas Gordon and his partner for 35 years , became President. Gordon Training International is located in Solona Beach, near San Diego, USA .

GTI is the leading entity to which all Authorized Representatives around the world are affiliated.  This organization ensures cohesion of all Gordon Workshops offered throughout the world –  in content, pedagogy and philosophy.

In Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, Gordon Parenting is the exclusive holder of the Gordon license.

55 years of the Gordon Method Parents Workshops are now distributed in over 53 countries, including Japan, Iceland, Egypt and South Africa. The following countries have recently joined the group: China, Greece, Maldives, Mexico, Lithuania, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan , Poland, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Macau and The Philippines.

Key numbers

The Gordon method is taught in over 45 countries through a network of more than 50,000 certified instructors.

More than 1 million parents were trained in the world.

Thomas Gordon has written 9 books, translated into 32 languages, some of which have become bestsellers worldwide.

Thomas Gordon’s books sold more than 6 million books worldwide.