I found this approach to be so helpful, I signed up to become an instructor! P.E.T. has really changed my relationship with my son, increased my patience, and given me more confidence as a father. Taking it together with my wife amplified all the benefits between us as well.

Dr. Brent Horner

Clinical Psychologist, Hong Kong/ USA

Happy to hear that the lessons are now available in Cantonese! Their course provides us with the tools needed to perform our roles as guardians without sacrificing our relationships with our kids. I enjoyed the lessons because we discussed solutions to our daily hassles with the instructor and other mums!

Winnie Leung

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

His mother and I were involved in the Parent Effectiveness Training at our church and the thing they taught us which is so central and significant is that you should never demean you child.

William H. Gates Sr.

Father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates

I always assumed that raising kids would naturally be full of conflicts, disagreements and hurt feelings. With P.E.T., I learned that parenting does not have to be this way if we could use the skills taught to us. With a teen and a tween in the house, I am grateful to have P.E.T. as a resource and my instructor as a guide!

Mary Grace Gonzales


This course has brought a sincere and lasting peace to our family while allowing us to stay true to all our values. Because P.E.T. is a skill-based course, it is rational, practical and easy to share. I wish P.E.T. could come in a welcome package of the 'parenting journey'.

Sylvie Vitali

Hong Kong/France

I used to be troubled by my son's lack of motivation which resulted in constant conflicts. Today I am pleased to share that he gained top marks in DSE Science subjects. These positives changes are partly driven by his personal efforts, and what I have learned from you in the P.E.T. class. You have completely rejuvenated our family!

Irene Leung