Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

At Gordon Parenting, we’re committed to help you as parents connect, converse and communicate with your children in a way that brings back the fun and fulfilment of raising a family.

Meltdowns, tantrums, eye-rolling, slammed doors and more. Frustrated kids, exhausted parents, near-broken relationships. We’ve seen it all. And, we’ve seen how the time-tested, scientifically proven and globally effective Parent Effectiveness Training can help every parent and every child break down the barriers and build a solid bond for life.

As the exclusive authorized representative in Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, Gordon Parenting brings together a team of highly skilled parenting instructors and coaches with diverse cultural and education backgrounds. Counselors, coaches, teachers, educators, HR practitioners, social workers, entrepreneurs and more.  These are real people and real role models all certified to conduct Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) and equip you with the knowledge and skills to help you parent at your best. 

Why P.E.T.?

P.E.T. - developed by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon in 1962 – has already benefitted over a million parents across 55 countries. Research validates the effectiveness of using the non-punitive, compassionate and respectful parenting model introduced by Dr. Gordon. Please click this link for a selection of research results.

Unlike other parenting courses, P.E.T. is a skills training and relationship-based course which empowers you to have democratic, collaborative relationships. In a series of highly interactive sessions, you’ll develop powerful skills, including:
• Active Listening
• The power of I-messages
• Shifting gears
• The no-lose conflict resolution
• The Behaviour Window, so you know when and how to use these skills, and more.

The beauty of P.E.T. is that it works for all different kinds of families.
It works with children of all ages, from the very young through the rebellious adolescent years.
It works in parent-child relationships that have begun to deteriorate and it works to prevent problems before they occur, i.e., “training before trouble”.

It works for single parents, stepparents and grandparents.

And it works in all cultures.

How is P.E.T. delivered?

The P.E.T. course is a 24-hour program made up of eight parts each spanning three hours. To accommodate your schedules, we offer the following formats:
• One 3-hour session per week delivered on an 8-week period.
• 5 half-day sessions spread over several weekdays or weekends
• 3 or 4 full day sessions

P.E.T. is designed to involve you in an active way drawing on your own life experiences, circumstances, problems and perspectives.  Activities include role-plays, group discussion, group sharing, reflection as well as instructor presentations. For this reason, we highly recommend group workshops. Group size varies, however are typically between 6 to 12 participants to allow for impactful learning and interaction. If you prefer, we can also arrange individual classes. We also have P.E.T. Club sessions conducted online.

Our intensive workshops are taught only by instructors certified by Gordon Training International . You’ll receive a set of P.E.T. materials which includes the latest edition of the P.E.T. book, a P.E.T. Workbook, a Participant Certificate and a copy of Dr. Gordon’s Credo.

Are you ready to parent at your best?

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Gordon Training International USA

Gordon Training International (GTI) is the educational organization founded by Dr. Thomas Gordon. This entity provides educational materials and training focused on effective communication and building satisfying relationships. On the death of Thomas Gordon in 2002, Linda Adams, widow of Thomas Gordon and his partner for 35 years , became President. Gordon Training International is located in Solona Beach, near San Diego, USA.

GTI is the leading entity to which all Authorized Representatives around the world are affiliated. This organization ensures cohesion of all Gordon Workshops offered throughout the world – in content, pedagogy and philosophy.

In Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, Gordon Parenting is the exclusive holder of the Parent Effectiveness Training license.