Strengthen your connection

  • when your child believes that you can love her more than anyone else
  • build one on one time with each child into your routine
  • see a situation from her point of view

Get your child laughing

  • laughter help humans let go of anxiety and transforms the body chemistry to reduce stress hormones and increase bonding hormones
  • play games with your young children and he will be more cooperative for the rest of the day
  • get multiple children laughing, the oxytocin they’re feeling help your children bond with each other

Acknowledge your child’s emotion

It is normal when a child has some “negative” emotions about their siblings. Acknowledge this feeling because if she can talk about it, she won’t have to act it out. Emotions do not stay stuffed all the time. They pop out again in other forms such as aggression, defiance, clinginess or whinning.

Children get along best with their siblings when parents make it clear that all feelings are normal and acceptable, even while not all actions are permitted and civility is expected. Acknowledge how hard it is for your child, and give her permission to grieve. She’s lost something of value when a new sibling entered the picture (or when he recently reached some new stage that feels like a threat to her), and she doesn’t yet understand that this is a gift she’ll end up treasuring.  But as you connect with her, help her laugh, and acknowledge her feelings, her hurt and loneliness will begin to heal. Your love and patience will give her relationship with her sibling a chance to blossom.


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